Heading back to NYC

After two fun-filled weeks of writer’s retreat and a medical emergency, I’m heading from one home back to the other. I’ll see Rob tonight and get to spend two days with him, before we begin a month of out of town trips, each of which has us poised to arrive back in NYC on the day that the other one departs.

See you in transit

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5 thoughts on “Heading back to NYC”

  1. This post calls for a ‘passing’ comment.
    Some may remember a song titled:
    “Strangers in the Night”….

  2. Might literally see you in transit, Mary! I arrive in NYC about August 4th/5th, and will be monkeying around there for a while. I’ll keep an eye out for you at airports and stations!

      1. Not to worry – I’ve got a lot of friends in NYC from both WFC and working there, so I’ll have lots of company. I was hoping to pull together a lot of WFC people, though, for a drink one night. I’m there until the 23rd August so perhaps something will figure itself out!

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