Harlan County Horror

Sometime around the beginning of September, I got an email from Jason Sizemore:

Mari Adkins and I are releasing an anthology titled “Harlan County Horror” under the Apex Publications imprint. All stories will be set or based around Harlan, KY. There’s a rich mountain culture there, the Cumberland Gap,…and there’s also things like the Hatfields & McCoys, coal mine mafia, supernatural weirdness, and scary hillbillies.

I’m not looking to make fun of Harlan. I want to use Harlan and it’s bizarre, rich history to make some good horror.

Would you be interested?

Would I be interested? Oh yes. Yes, very much so.

So, I’ve been reading about Harlan county and toying with story ideas, but mostly I’ve been sitting on the news, waiting for them to make their official announcement about Harlan County Horror.

Here it is.

You guys/gals think you know everything going on with Apex? Nah, you just see the tip of the ‘berg! Our brains work overtime thinking of ways to frighten, to sicken you, the readers.

For over a year now, Mari Adkins has been sharing stories of her past with me. She’s also written a trio of novels, two of which I’ve read. And a handful of short fiction. There’s one thing all her novels, shorts, and dialogues with me have in common: Harlan, KY.

The frightening aspect of this fact? She only lived there for 3.5 years.

I’m hoping to purge Harlan, KY from Mari Adkins. You can call it an exorcism. I will call it an anthology of horror. Harlan County Horror.
Mari will co-edit the anthology with me. Mari will also have the opening story. After all, it is her soul we’re cleansing.

We’ve lined up an impressive list of writing talent to help Mari with her curse. Some names are new, others more well known. All have their own insights into the madness of Harlan Couny.

Mari, Queen of Harlan, Adkins
Cherie Priest
Scott Nicholson
Weston Ochse
Robby Sparks
Kim Colley
Debbie Kuhn
Michele Freel
Alethea Kontis
Mary Robinette Kowal
Geoffrey Girard

Who knows, I might take pen to paper and do my part to squeeze the devil from Mari.

This is slated to be released in the summer of 2007.

Seeing the authors with whom I’ll be sharing the Table of Contest, I’m even more excited and pleased to be in this anthology.

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