So you want to give Habitica a try…

8-bit graphic of avatar riding a fox in a snowy fieldIf you’ve seen me talking about Habitica, and thought that it sounded useful but intimidating… We just opened my private guild to the public. It’s called “Ink Slingers.” The description is:

For science-fiction and fantasy writers and editors who are actively working in the field and trying to improve craft. But who also need peer pressure to be productive.

We have some challenges with habits and dallies that you might find helpful.

The way Habitica works is that you break the things you ought to be doing into three types of things.

  1. Habits: which are things you ought to do, but not necessarily on a regular basis. Like “3 minute stretch break.”
  2. Dailies: which you do regularly. Like “Write three sentences.”
  3. To-Dos: which are one time things. Like “Complete revisions for episode 2.”

It’s super-handy. BUT when you are first getting into it, figuring out what will be useful is tricky. Like, I had “2000 words per day” as a Daily. That’s a nice goal, but not something that I can actually achieve every day. So what I’ve done in Ink Slingers is set up some challenges based on things I find useful, that are specifically aimed at writers and editors.

If you want to give it a try, you have to create a Habitica account first, and then hop on over to join Ink Slingers.

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9 thoughts on “So you want to give Habitica a try…”

  1. Thanks for opening this up! I’ve been using Habitica for a while successfully but got out of the habit during a stressful move. I will try to use this as motivation to get back to it. 🙂

  2. Thanks for opening up your guild. Habitica is a great app, and it’s been super helpful in helping me break some bad habits and create a few good ones. Now to turn its power toward writing… 🙂

  3. I’m not published yet, but I am actively writing a fantasy novel. Does that qualify as “actively working in the field”?

  4. Nice! I’ve been using Habitica for a few months now (it’s SO helpful!) but I hadn’t felt comfortable approaching any groups. Thanks so much for the open invite. 🙂

  5. I am currently writing a short story and a novella (Regency Fantasy), as well as I need to edit three short stories, so your Guild is exactly what I need to kick me into gear.

    Thank you.

  6. I went ahead and signed up for this. Never used Habitica, but I’m finding it interesting so far.

    It’s a stretch to say I’m “working actively in the field”. I’ve written and submitted a bare handful of short stories (mostly to Writers of the Future, but a couple to some mags; none have been published), and I’m shy of a third of the way through a novel I’ve been working on for like two or three years. But trying to improve my craft? Yes, that’s my goal.

    But, so far, the only thing keeping me alive in Habitica is that I’ve put a number of other things in there besides the Ink Slingers dailies…

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