Glamour in Glass: Vincent’s writing desk

I’ll tell you a secret. I tend to give characters that I’m fond of things that I covet. Vincent’s writing desk is one of these items. Here’s how it appears in Glamour in Glass


When in transit, it folded neatly in half to present an unassuming box. Once opened, it contained a comfortable sloped surface, faced in red leather. Cunningly concealed within were compartments to store correspondence and writing supplies. The battered wooden sides attested to the constant travelling Vincent had done in his life as an itinerant glamourist.

You can have a custom one made or find a writing slope on ebay.

For my birthday, my father gave me a writing slope almost identical to this one. The leather, which is called a skiver, is in bad condition, but it turns out that  you can order them online. I’ve done that, but have been using this desk almost non-stop during the Month of Letters. As soon as it is over, I’m pulling the battered old leather off and replacing it.

It is nice to have something that I coveted in fiction turn up in real life.

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