Glamour in Glass launch party

photo by Brian J. Hunt

Last night’s launch party for Glamour in Glass was great fun. I held it at Case Study Coffee, which is almost like holding it in my office because I am there so frequently. The space was wonderful for an evening event like this and the owners, Wes Russell and Christine Herman-Russell, acted as staff for the event. Such lovely people.

I think we had around seventy-five guests from all different areas of my life. Friends, people I corresponded with during the Month of Letters, fellow writers, members of the Oregon Regency Society, and wine industry friends all turned up. It was, as they used to say, quite a press of people.  We also had live music from the Regency with Nebula-nominee Dave Goldman on the keyboard and a lively fiddler, Ellen. I’d hoped to have a little dancing occur, but the room quickly became too full for that.

I spent most of the evening signing books and learned some important things.

  1. Next time around, I need a name that isn’t 23 characters long.
  2. Opening sentences, particularly ones that get omitted, should be as short as possible. Next time I will opt for “Call me Jane,” and be done with it.
  3. People are wonderful, and willing to stand in line for a long, long time as one scribbles in books.

Tonight, I’m off to the Powell’s in Beaverton to read, perform a tiny little puppet show, and to write a very long sentence in some more books.

If you want to look at more pictures, I have a few from the event.

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8 thoughts on “Glamour in Glass launch party”

  1. So, it just occurred to me, perhaps a bit too late, that sitting behind the author at an author signing likely resulted in me(or at least the back of my hat) being in a lot of pictures.
    I had a great time, and am enjoying the book tremendously!

  2. Rachel Biesinger

    How fabulous is this on so many levels?!  I would’ve loved to be at this event.  Mary, you are one classy writer!

  3. You looked wonderful last night!  How you keep doing so much and continue to glow with health is quite impressive.

  4. Another Beauty Creation!  Divinations’ Emulations…Folding Fitting Fashion-8-ions!!  Grammar’s Glass Glamourization!  HEAVENSHELLS Incorporations…Jugglin’ Joys Juxtapositions…Kench Lofting Luring Locations Meet Materializations Nesting Notions New Notations  Options Panache Publications…Quintessential Quips Quotations…Reproduction Set Sensations…Translations’ Unifications…Vision’Words Xenodocheion …Yearnings Yielding Yonder Zions            Between you and me (US)…Meeting Tara & Christian there transcends coincidence….THANK YOU AWE’LL, LUCKY STARS!!  <3 <3  OOXX

  5. we had such a delightful time, thank you so much–both for the  invitation to the launch party & your thoughtful acknowledgement in the book . It really was an honour to contribute our teeny bit to the cause.  Best wishes, I hope this book is also nominated for a Hugo 🙂

  6. Mine came today.  Didn’t realize it would be so pretty!  Immediately checked out the first line to compare with my excerpt at the back of the TPB Shades. 🙂

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