Glamour in Glass coming in audio!

Know what I’m doing next week? I’m recording the audio book for Glamour in Glass. La! has purchased the rights for Glamour in Glass, Without a Summer, and Valour and Vanity. I’ll be narrating all three books though we have made the decision to revert to my natural speaking voice for the narration and reserve the British for dialogue. It’ll make it easier to record.  Otherwise I have to have a dialect coach standing by. I’ll have a difficult enough time with the French that’s in the book.

(Note to self: Do not write lines of dialogue in a languag you don’t speak when you know you will have to read it aloud.)

Needless to say, I am super-excited by this and so happy to be working with Audible.

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10 thoughts on “Glamour in Glass coming in audio!”

      1. Haha yes, I did notice there was no Venetian. I just didn’t expect its absence was due to the fact that you’ve got German and Italian covered, hehe.

        So…are you going to write a story with Icelandic in it sometime? 😉 And you speak a bit of Chinese, too, yes? *amused* How about a story with both Icelandic and Chinese? 😀

  1. Does this mean you reserved the audio rights when you sold the books to Tor and just now struck a deal with Audible? Or has Tor just made a deal with Audible? I’m just curious, though putting aside contract issues for a moment: That sounds great, wunderbar, merveilleux!

    1. Aside from being a fairly personal question, it’s actually something that I don’t mind answering. In this case…

      We sold the audio rights to Tor for the first two books and reserved them for the second two books. MacMillan Audio, which is sister company of Tor, produced the first book and decided not to do the second. They returned the rights to us and we resold them to Audible along with books 3 and 4.

      1. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to ask a personal question. (When I asked I didn’t think of that as a personal question so much as a contract question, maybe because I’ve been listening to a lot of Writing Excuses (including the questions on contract lawyers and agents) and Escape Artist podcasts (where they occasionally discuss obtaining audio rights and non-exclusive audio rights). That’s the reason why I thought of the question, but no excuse if it was too personal, so again: sorry to pry.)

  2. Oh, dear. This makes my decision about buying audiobooks quite hard. I love Audible’s production quality, and of course your narration (I only by the Toby Daye series in mp3 cd format now :), but I really, really dislike the DRM that doesn’t allow me to use the files in a smooth way on my various devices.

    Maybe I’ll be lucky, and my local library will do some OverDrive lending digital copies.

    Oh, well. Guess I’ll keep on with preordering the hard copies.

  3. That’s great news; I really liked the Shades of Milk and Honey audiobook. I’m glad the whole series will be on Audible.

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