“Evil Robot Monkey” has been nominated for a Hugo!

Here’s another post that you’re reading days and days after I write it.

Short form:

My story, “Evil Robot Monkey” has been nominated for a Hugo!



Jodi and I had a show last Thursday night and went out afterwards with his sweetie, Sam, to hang and celebrate that it went pretty darn well. About 10:30, I pulled out my G1 to check the time and it was open to email.

The top message had the subject line, “Contact: Hugo Nomination.”

Jodi and Sam ceased to exist for a moment (Sorry, fellows) and I opened the email. As I read it, a grin spread across my face and I looked up, totally cutting Sam off. “Gentlemen, I’ve just been nominated for a Hugo.”

None of us could shriek but they were as appropriately enthusiastic as a girl could wish. I know we talked about other things afterwards, but my head was totally wrapped up in HUGO!

Holy cow! My story. A Hugo nominee!!!!

And I have to keep it a secret. Do you have any idea how painful it is to hang out with SF folks when you’re holding in something like this? I’m distracting myself by shopping for a dress. I think that’s reasonable, don’t you?

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46 thoughts on ““Evil Robot Monkey” has been nominated for a Hugo!”

  1. Congratulations! I wish you’d heard this LAST night so I could have been there to squee with you! (But I can squee appropriately – and discreetly if you need me to – tomorrow…)

  2. Christie Skipper

    Holy crap, buy two! 🙂 Congratulations! It’s going to be fun waking up in the morning for a while, I’ll bet. Blink! Blink!

  3. Congrats! I’m so excited I got to hear you read this story live and that it was nominate. AWESOME AWESOME!

  4. So glad it’s public, so you don’t have to burst. Congratulations, dear. Couldn’t have happened to a better story!

  5. Congratulations! You sure do seem to be getting a lot of practice at this keeping awesome secrets thing. I can relate (though those secrets aren’t usually about me).

  6. I was so glad to see your “splendid” post last Thursday. I’m even more glad today when I can just say “Congratulations!” And buying a dress makes complete sense. Did you find a lovely one?

  7. Let’s see if your server likes me NOW, an hour or so after I originally tried to post 🙂

    Congratulations, Mary, but I’m not surprised at all. Your star is now officially rising, and in my opinion it’s about damn well time!

  8. I actually just saw it on the Anticipation website before I read your blog entry. That was worth a delightful squee! Most Excellent Indeed!!

  9. A fine dress is certainly in order… to go with your finely honed skills, and to bring out the color of your… words. Congratulations, my friend!

  10. Wow! Muitos congratos, Mary!

    Do you by any chance remember what flash that was and what the trigger was? I wanna bask in your reflected glory at LH. 🙂

    And since you broke the glass ceiling over at the Campbells (female author / short story), looks like Liloo has a shot there.

    Congratulations on both fronts!!!

  11. I was tempted to leave this at the auspicious 42 comments, but I want to congratulate you more! So congratulations! I still have to grab a copy of that collection.

  12. Congrats! I bought the Solaris book last year so I could read the story with such an intriguing title. It was well worth it. I see others think so too!

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