Edging out of the computer woes.

Whew. Already I feel better. I just dropped my computer off with Karl Swan, who not only promised to have it back to me within 48 hours, but also pulled some files off for me right then. Though I’d done a backup on the 27th, I’d also done a significant amount of work between then and when the computer imploded on the 29th.

So, I now have the current draft of my novel, current drafts of the two short stories I had been working on, and the logo design that had just been approved when things went pfffht. Everything else, I have on the backup.

Such relief.

We decided to go with a system wipe and restore. He made me feel like I was not an idiot, which was nice. When I get my computer back, it will be clean and with my documents already loaded on. So, I will not have to continue going crazy trying to fix it.

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4 thoughts on “Edging out of the computer woes.”

  1. Is this the Averatec? I’m curious about what Karl has to say about the quality of the machine itself.

  2. Thank goodness about the files being okay and all–Yay for Karl ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yeah, about the not making you feel like an idiot: I know exactly what you mean. Take in a car or a computer, and they can just get so condescending.

  3. -d-: Karl was pleased that it was modular. He said that the drive was a good quality one and the easiest one that he’s ever pulled out. He was otherwise unfamiliar with the brand.

    Wordly: So true!

  4. One runs across the most wonderful people.


    Glad you got the computer back with your work intact.

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