Complications and Norwescon

So, Iceland is back on the table again. Potentially, Rob would be going there on May 1, I would be moving to NYC on the 7th, arriving about the 17th, partially unpacking and then joining him in Iceland for six months.

Or not. It’s also possible that we won’t go to Iceland at all.

Or that he’ll go and I will stay in NYC the whole time.

Or that we’ll both go on the May 1 and someone else will move us into the apartment.

Then there’s the question of where to put our cats if Iceland happens.

At NorwesconThe short form of this is that although I’ve got plenty of material to write about, it almost all makes me feel stressed and reminds me that I should be packing instead of writing about packing. Sigh.

I did have a lovely, lovely time at Norwescon. I loved hanging out with Stephen Segal, Lisa Mantchev, Cat Rambo, Jennifer, Gordon Gross, Spencer and Chrissy Ellsworth, Patrick Swenson, Cherie Priest, M.K. Hobson, John Pitts, Ken and Jen Scholes (though not enough), Jay Lake…. the list goes on and on. I’d link to you all, but I should be packing.

Highlights of the convention: the Sesame Street monsters, meeting Kathy Watts, the Liars’ Panel, breakfast with Cherie Priest, Talebones Live, seeing the Earthling mockup, everyday at the Ellsworths’ and Easter dinner at the Pitts’ residence.

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10 thoughts on “Complications and Norwescon”

  1. That’s so incredibly sudden! I totally sympathize. That’s what my family life has been for the past couple of years; who’s going to the UAE when and for how long and with whom, who’s staying behind and minding the house and the pets…

    I really hope everything works out well, and without too much of a headache.

  2. Those were the muppets that kept stalking me! Seeing that picture triggered some kind of post-traumatic shock in me; now I have to go lie in a corner.

    It was very cool getting to know you better at Norwescon. I must say (quite selfishly) that I hope you don’t end up in Iceland for 6 months. If you must go, NYC would be way cooler.


  3. I’m pretty sure you won’t leave your cats here because you have seen what happens when you leave an animal in our care. It becomes ours.
    I’m also interested in the last option where someone else would move you into your apartment. I know you have a lot of good friends, but that would be way beyond what you could ask a friend to do. Hey! Don’t look at me. It’s a shame you can’t put the right inflection in text 🙂

  4. *sigh* I knew that the prospect of being in the same city again was too good to be true.

  5. La la la! I’m not thinking about it. La la la…

    Amal: We’ve actually known for a while that this might be coming and have been stressing about it backstage, but the dates turned up yesterday and my head imploded.

    M.K.: Also a pleasure meeting you. I hope to see you a fair bit around Portland before moving on to wherever we move on to.

    Dad: When I say “have someone else move us” I’m referring to professionals with large trucks and burly men.

    Fabulous Girl: It would only be for six months. That’s not so bad.

  6. Whoa – Iceland is a cool place, as I think I’ve said many times, but it sounds quite a stressful year if so! Hmm… well, it’s certainly exciting news anyway – congratulations! (is that the word to use? I dunno)

    Do you think you’ll be back for Saratoga? (Toga! Toga! Toga!)

  7. Mary, hate to be a wet blanket, but you’re doing an awful lot of responding… shouldn’t you be, um,.. packing?

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