Cat sitters needed

Back at the ranch, our wonderful tenant and cat-sitter has gotten a new job out of town, and is moving out in mid-October. I come home at the end of October, which means that our cats will be without the attention to which they have become accustomed.

They have a self-feeder and waterer, but we need someone to come over and give them some laptime. So, if you know me well enough to know where I live when I’m not in Iceland and would be willing to go on the cat attendent rotation schedule, will you drop me a line?

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12 thoughts on “Cat sitters needed”

  1. Put me on the schedule for once a week… twice if you’re desperate. I may even bring the kids along for some extra lovin’. What is your return date again? Can’t wait!

    p.s., from his avatar, it would appear that this mysterious “d” is a dog! Perhaps the cats are better off without his ministrations…

  2. The avatar is of a stray dog that used to be Rob’s. It was a stray before Rob found it and inflicted it upon us. See Buster’s Blog, a link to which you may find in the side bar.
    Let me try to name the felines that Mary has abandoned to our care.
    There was Callie, Goldielocks, Encore, a near sighted tom cat that won the stupid prize hands down, and that one eyed persian cat that wins the prize for being the worst pet ever.
    Buster (the dog in the avatar) is the best pet that has been left with us.
    Mary, who have I left out and what were the names of the two that I can’t remember.

  3. We only had the one-eyed persian cat (Ming Li) for two weeks. And he was Mom’s fault for telling my friends in highschool that they could give me a persian for my birthday.

    I wanted to take Callie with me when I got an apartment in college, but you wouldn’t let me. Encore was never my cat. She belonged to Steve’s dog.

    Gabe and Pixel, and don’t forget Pepper (the dog) I did abandon with you when I went on tour. However, I’ll point out that when I came off tour in Oregon and wanted to bring Pixel out here (Gabe had already been given to the neighbors) that you refused to part with her.

    Thank you, -e-. Let me know which day of the week you want to take. I’ll be home on the 28th.

  4. As I recall we thought your friends were giving you a perfect white persian cat and behold it not only had one eye but it was also crazy! Buster is a great dog! Maybe he needs a cat.

  5. Ming Li is the only pet I was maligning. Actually, I was trying to malign the abandoner. Gabe was so stupid that he was fun to watch. You would feel bad about poking fun at a person that stupid (or you should).

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