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I’ve seen a number of people saying that they don’t know who to put down for the Campbell so I thought I would take a moment to mention some writers who have caught my eye.

To start with, Jon Armstrong and David Anthony Durham, who were finalists last year, are still eligible this year. I enjoyed both of their debut novels and am anxiously awaiting the sequels.

The rest of my recommendations are short story writers, quite naturally.  Aliette de Bodard has been rocking the short fiction world.  Aliette is a Writer’s of the Future winner and has a fiction sampler up if you want to give her a try.

Livia Llewellyn writes the type of fiction that is literary, seductive and drags cold fingers down your spine.  Check out her Four Hundred Thousand at Subterranean. Last year Tony Pi missed making the ballot by a single vote. Try his Metamorphosous in Amber.

Of course there’s a full list of eligible writers online and the number of them that deserve to make the ballot outweighs the number of slots, people like Alethea Kontis, Sara Genge, Doselle Young, Genevieve Valentine, Felix Gilman, and Alex Wilson.  Check them out. Even if you don’t pick them for one of your Campbell slots, these are amazing new writers who are worth paying attention to.

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14 thoughts on “Campbell contenders”

  1. I *wish* I were still eligible — but “Sunday” appeared in RoF in October 2006.
    Too bad…you know that crown would look fabulous on me. I never did get around to trying it on…

  2. Thanks for mentioning me! I now look forward to scaring the pants off many new readers. Well, at least I can hope… 😀

  3. I had forgotton about “Four Hundred Thousand”, but that’s a good story.

    I like Genevieve’s stuff and am usually on the lookout for anything new of hers.

    There’s going to be a sequel to Grey?

  4. Christopher Kastensmidt

    I agree that Aliette de Bodard and Tony Pi rock the short fiction world. They are worth a long look for anyone voting.

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