A brief reminder of my Hugo eligible works.

Hello future!

I’m writing this before heading on internet vacation for the month of March. You should be receiving it with one week left to nominate for the Hugo awards. I hope you won’t mind if I remind you that a couple of my things are eligible for consideration.


  • Lady Astronaut of Mars – Tor.com  (We think the print version of this is eligible but there’s no official ruling. More details at Tor.com)

Short Story


Best Related Work

Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form

Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form

  • Forest of Memory – Metatropolis: Green Space – (Audible) Please note, that even though it is a novelette, it is in audio format only and has a running time of one hour and forty-four minutes. The Hugo rules say that anything over ninety minutes is Long Form. I don’t actually think it’s got a chance in hell of making the ballot, but I’d incorrectly put it in BDP short form on my previous eligibility post, so this is really just here as a correction.
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2 thoughts on “A brief reminder of my Hugo eligible works.”

  1. Thanks for posting this, since of course I’m waiting till the last day. Cut paste nominate.

    (Honestly, my ballot’s mostly you and Jim Hines so far. Although I like your Audible work, my heart’s really with outer space and Clooney. You understand.)

  2. Erm, also, my password for “Of Noble Family” isn’t working. Come April, can someone get back to me on that? Thanks.

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