A code for GHOST TALKERS book release

To celebrate the release of GHOST TALKERS I am being sneaky again today — as if that is a surprise to anyone — and have once again snuck a code into a post. La! It is different from the previous ones. But with all the research I did into ciphers and codes for GHOST TALKERS I have found myself wanting to use them all. I know! So — if you can figure this one out then it will serve as a password for a deleted scene. Deleted! I do need to warn you though — it seems only fair — that this scene does contain spoilers. So many spoilers! So do not read it until you have had a chance to finish the book. I mean it! I hope that code itself is not too hard. Perhaps it is so — if you are really struggling then this link contains a blatantly obvious clue.


Ghost Talkers password attempt
Please use ALL CAPS

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3 thoughts on “A code for GHOST TALKERS book release”

  1. Much enjoyed last night’s “Hospitality Tent”.

    Managed to crack the first two codes but was defeated by the message on the teabag.

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