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Unexpected benefits to the new apartment are…unexpected.  The drain in the kitchen sink had a little bit of a drip, so I turned in a maintenance request in the evening and the next morning, the maintenance guy turned up to do the repair. Like magic!

And then, as he was leaving, he said, “Hey, turn in a request for those cabinets and I’ll come back and fix them.”

I looked baffled and he said, “You want them to latch, right?”

I’ve lived in vintage buildings for so long that I’m sort of used to cabinets that close imperfectly. The notion of having a handy-man notice and then offer to come back and fix them for me is a luxury that was unlooked for.

Other benefit.  The post office is four blocks away from the apartment complex.  Manuscript submission just got a whole lot easier.

BedroomAnd now, here are some carefully cropped photos of the bedroom.  Carefully cropped so you can’t see the pile o’ boxes over in the right hand corner.  Hey. We’ve only been here a week, so it’s amazing that we’ve come this far.

As you’ll notice, we’ve not yet unpacked the artwork.  The room itself is actually quite bright, but because of the sunny courtyard outside the window, I had to turn on the bedside lamp to make the camera happy.  The bed is one that Rob picked up in Hawaii. It’s missing some pieces and so required a little bit of assembly. Our NYC solution wasn’t as stable as this seems to be. I’m also very fond of the afghan on the bed. SF writer, Laurel Amberdine, made it as a present for my 40th birthday.

Bedroom viewBut what really makes the bedroom, indeed all of the rooms here, is the view out the window. This is what it looks like when you are sitting on the bed.  I can’t wait until spring when that apple tree outside my window is in bloom.

The only apparent downside to all the green involved landscapers with power tools at 8 am, but I don’t get the sense that it will happen every morning.  Actually, it was pretty funny. I was up at 6 for some reason and sitting at my desk writing.  This guy with a rake walks past.  I thought. Hm. Me. Window. Bathrobe. Perhaps I should get dressed.  When I came back, he had just spotted Marlowe.

His face lit up and he approached the window like he was going to talk to the cat.  Marlowe totally freaked. It was as if someone on television had suddenly turned to address you.

We are still unpacking, but are into the art and ephemera boxes now. This is my favorite label.

Tardis box

The TARDIS and books were fine. The cloth napkins are horribly wrinkled.

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6 thoughts on “Bedroom view”

  1. ::snorks at the Tardis note::

    Wish it was real; then you could’ve just packed all the boxes into that, and moving would’ve been so easy. Assuming you didn’t get lost between dimensions or something.

  2. The place is looking good!

    My current apartment is also pretty good with maintenance requests. When I turn one in, it’s usually fix the next day. Once I made a request in the morning and they said I’ll have to wait till the next day, I said it’s fine, but when I got back from work it was already fixed. I was really impressed, because no other apartment I’ve lived in before has done that. (And I’ve been living in the same area.)

  3. It sounds like you’re incredibly happy, and that makes me incredibly happy for you! 🙂

    So glad it’s worked out!

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