Another review of Talebones #35

A review of Talebones #35 from F.R.R. Mallory includes this bit:

Mary Robinette Kowal gives us Death Comes But Twice. Finally, a story I thoroughly enjoyed. I really appreciated her grasp of time/style and how much her story built upon other stories I have loved from the past. I enjoyed her attention to detail, her ability to bring me into her world and I cared about what happened to her characters. For me, this is a double thumbs up! Kudos!


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8 thoughts on “Another review of Talebones #35”

  1. Hey, I really liked your story too! So did Carrie! We read it as soon as my magazine arrived and she said, “Oh, Mary has a story in here,” which I had kind of forgotten until that moment. Nice work!

  2. Particularly nice since he clearly doesn’t say nice things about everything he reads. In fact he liked very little, so you must be special. Of course I always knew you were.

  3. I liked very little? Really? Is that what people think? Huh. Heh. Well, I guess I didn’t particularly care for Wm. F. Nolan’s story that opened this ish of Talebones (sorry, William), but.. Uh… I like (which I’ve re-read recently):

    “Croatoan” “Executioner of Malformed Children” “On the Slab” “Django” – all by Harlan Ellison.
    “The Drowned Giant” by Ballard.
    “In the Late December” by Greg van Eekhout
    “Pol Pot’s Beautiful Daughter” by Geoff Ryman
    “Impossible Dreams” by Tim Pratt
    That crazy zeppelin story by Ben Rosenbaum by Ben Rosenbaum
    “Sergeant Chip” by Bradley Denton
    “Tower of Babel” by Ted Chiang
    “Leininger and the Ants” by Carl Stephenson

    See – I like lots of stuff.

    Oh – and if you’re Campbell eligible, what else have you written? Feel free to email me some stuff if it’s not online at [email protected]

  4. Funny that Harlan Ellison should pop up here. Mary, I did a recording session at Sam’s last Wednesday of a new story by Joe Medina of the “Afterhell” series, in which I played a chrono-mage who stumbles into the Con From Hell and whose name is . . . wait for it . . . Harlan. I didn’t even try to mimic the voice, but I hope I captured something of his vocal rhythms. Laura Faye Smith voiced an Japanese anime elven princess, and Sam was Shartakh, a sort of a Klingon lizard. . . .

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