Another mouse?

Marlowe has been in hunter mode all morning. I just saw him run past with something in his mouth.

Yep. Mouse. I think these are both juveniles, so we can probably expect some more. He offed it quickly this time, at least. I’m letting him bat the dead thing around until he gets bored with it.

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8 thoughts on “Another mouse?”

  1. Hunh. Good thing you got cats. And not rats.

    Jeez, if you get any more mices, I’d think about investing in more katzes.

  2. Mary :). My parents used to have a cat that was a great mouser that would leave “presents” on the doorstep. Be very glad you don’t have that.

    Also, I just wanted to tell you I really enjoy reading your posts about life in NYC and with Shimmer (I worked on a submission for the Pirates issue for a few months, but just couldn’t finish it). I hope enjoy life in the Northeast.

  3. If there are any more mice caught, I suggest adding a bar chart on the edge where the progress bars are to indicate how many mice are caught each month.

  4. strugglingwriter: When I was growing up, we had a cat that left presents. I think these guys would if they had more access to crawly things.

    Rose: Thanks for the update, but our cats are doing just fine.

    -d-: To our relief and Marlowe’s disappointment, there have been no more mice after the first two. Rob suspects that they appeared because the exterminator came through the building. We chose not to have him in, and think we got the refugees from other people’s apartments.

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