A text conversation with my brother

My brother does not text me often, but when he does, it’s always over something important and salient. Like this.

Steve: Scalzi’s new book is fun.

Me: That it is. Not that I’m bitter that you read his book before mine or anything. Sob.

Steve: Is yours an ebook?

Me: Yes. Oh the woe. The ignominy

Steve: Tell you what, if you write a Star Trek spoof, it’ll be next on my list.

Me: I am so tweeting this.

Steve: And your book is more expensive for the Nook than his.

Me: You’re totally getting coal for Christmas.

Steve: E-coal.

Me: Cheap e-coal.

Steve: In a red shirt.

Me: Oh, I’ll redshirt you all right.

Steve: I need that at Christmas. Santa has a red shirt too.

Me: How is he still alive?

Steve: And he keeps jumping into fires.

Me: Baffling.

The question about Santa is a valid one, I’ll have to admit. How does he survive so many away missions in that red shirt?

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12 thoughts on “A text conversation with my brother”

  1. Santa’s red shirt is wool, polyester red shirts are what kills them on Star Trek! 

  2. How is Santa still alive?

    Waves fingers mysteriously…  Maaagic.

    Jeff S.
    On the other hand, I knew there was a reason that I don’t like or wear polyester.

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