A Basic Introduction to Maya Mythology on The Nebula Awards

One of the things I’ve been enjoying at the new Nebula site are the guest bloggers. This week’s is Aliette de Bodard with an excellent post called, A Basic Introduction to Maya Mythology.

Similar to my previous article on Aztec mythology, this article is intended as an introduction into some basic ideas of Maya religion and mythology. I’ve appended a list of the sources I used at the end, should you be interested in finding out more.

Unlike their Aztec neighbours, the Mayas were hardly newcomers to Mesoamerica. Maya presence in Guatemala and the Yucatan peninsula dates back to at least 1000 BC, and the last Maya kingdoms conquered by the Spanish were Tayasal and Zacpeten in 1697. Today, there are about six million Mayas in Central America–some of whom still live according to ancient traditions.

It’s well worth reading, plus has a great source list at the end.

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