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Funny and Painful music video about book signings

This is very funny and painful and my big fear.

So, um, there’s a list of dates of my book tour, plus other sightings, over in the left sidebar. Come see me?

Also, I am totally going to see Parnell Hall the next time he’s on tour.

Hailing frequencies open, I’m at Penguicon

I have safely arrived in Troy, MI for Penguicon and will shortly turn in but I just had to tell you about this one thing.

My plane was flown by Captain Kirk.

Is there a better transportation to an SF convention? I think not.

The horror! A Glamour Shot of me at age 23.

Rob and I went down to our storage locker to drop off some things and also so I could look for some juvenila to read at Wiscon. While there I opened a box of old photos and found the Glamour Shots that I had taken when I was 23.

So for your amusement, compare and contrast.

Me at 23

Me at 41

I would like to thank my mother and my grandmother for the genes that make me look better at 41 than I did at 23.

In answer to questions I am anticipating… Yes, that’s my original hair color. No, I don’t perm my hair now. I just spent most of my life thinking it was straight but unmanageable.

Also, thank God for getting me past the stage where I thought mall bangs looked good.

Dr. Eldritch meets Mr. Puppeteer

I meant to post this a week ago, but it remains funny so nothing is lost. If you do not already follow Dr. Eldritch, you really should.  However, this particular issue might be my favorite. For obvious reasons.  Here’s the start of this storyline, but you should read the whole thing.

I know exactly how Mr. Puppeteer feels. In fact, there are parts of this conversation that could be a direct transcription of my life.


When a friend calls and says, “My birthday is coming up. Do you want to have dinner with ninjas or dimsum?” The choice is clear. So, tonight, I had dinner at Ninja New York.

Not surprisingly, I had trouble finding the restaurant.

Once there, a ninja led us into the bowels of the building where a “feudal” Japanese village had been recreated.  Because I was late, Iwound up following a family with three little boys into the restaurant.  The ninja asked, “Do you want to go to your table the safe way or the ninja way?”

“Ninja way!” Three little boys, and I, chorused.

The ninja way was through a twisty and extremely dark passage built into the wall that led you up and down stairs back to a few feet from where we started, albeit on the other side of the door.

Dinner was fun, mostly because I think we were all determined to wring every bit of fun out of the experience. Otherwise… well, you know, ninjas are not trained to be waiters. Ours said that he’d majored in Forensic Astronomy and Ninja.  He was pretty funny all evening, but more of the ironic, hip version of ninja.

When I left the restaurant and got on the subway, my car and the car in front of it had no passengers.  For three stops, the train would stop, the doors opened and no one got on.

I couldn’t help wondering if the ninjas had gone out and slaughtered everyone while we’d been in the restaurant.