The horror! A Glamour Shot of me at age 23.

Rob and I went down to our storage locker to drop off some things and also so I could look for some juvenila to read at Wiscon. While there I opened a box of old photos and found the Glamour Shots that I had taken when I was 23.

So for your amusement, compare and contrast.

Me at 23

Me at 41

I would like to thank my mother and my grandmother for the genes that make me look better at 41 than I did at 23.

In answer to questions I am anticipating… Yes, that’s my original hair color. No, I don’t perm my hair now. I just spent most of my life thinking it was straight but unmanageable.

Also, thank God for getting me past the stage where I thought mall bangs looked good.

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17 thoughts on “The horror! A Glamour Shot of me at age 23.”

  1. Ah, yes, we fellow children of the 80s… I have the same hairstyle now I had then, as it will NOT do anything else successfully, ever, and there hasn’t been enough “product” made since the beginning of time to make it otherwise… When Sebastian Molding Mud (for the Gordon Gecko look) has a half-life of 15 minutes before foom! happens, nothing will work…

  2. 41? Wow. Now I have no excuses to console myself with when I notice how productive you are (“Aw, of course she has so much energy! Mary Robinette is twenty-something!”)

  3. You look fine, really. It’s just the hair that they do and the GS makeup. If you took all that away from the picture, you’d be as pretty then as you are now. 🙂

  4. I think you look incredibly Southern in the first shot. Something about it just screams, “Belle!” 🙂

  5. If googly eyes were applied to the top edge of the “neckline”, a reasonable facsimile of cookie monster would be achieved…

  6. On the upside, you weren’t a teenager in the 70s. Plaid polyester still haunts me…it could always be worse.

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