Slow day.

Today was fairly laid back.  After all the running around that I’ve been doing over the past month or so with shows and whatnot, yesterday was the first real breather I’ve had. Naturally, faced with nothing else to do, my body decided to get sick. Fortunately, it seems to have been fairly mild and is already pretty much done. I subscribe to the theory that hibernation is the best way to combat a cold, so I hunkered down on the sofa under the very warm, cozy blanket that Laurel Amberdine made as a birthday present.  Between that, lots of snoozing, and warm beverages, I feel pretty much completely human today.

Fortunately, Rob and I pretty much ignore Valentine’s Day, so I didn’t miss much.  Although he did make waffles this morning and cooked dinner tonight.  Pretty swell arrangement, if you ask me.

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