It’s only temporary

I did not work on Coraline at all. So there.

Because we were nervous about money, I signed up with a temp agency right after we got to NYC. They sent me out on a gig last week, which was only one day long. It was very, very easy receptionist work. The company requested me for another project. This time, it’s a week long. The funny thing is, that I really don’t have time to do this temp job but, because of the way temp agencies work, I had to say yes to it. At the beginning, you have to take the jobs that come in so that you can establish a track record with the agency.

I’m busy right now, with work, but the joy of free-lancing is that I don’t know about next month. I might really need temp work next month. I hope not, but still.

So I spent yesterday verifying names on a mailing-list and then at lunch, I worked on proof-reading a manuscript, which is one of my free-lance gigs. So my brain was very tired by the end of the day. After work, I went to Altered Fluid (writing group) for the weekly meeting and then out to dinner with the gang afterwards. I’m just too tired to think about working on Coraline, which is just as well, I suppose.

At the moment, I find myself with the interesting dilemma of her feet. For display, flat feet will look better but the movement will be awful. With a puppet, I’d angle her toes up slightly like the sole of a clog, so that it would get good rollover and offer a more natural stride. (While I was reading the My New Leg blog, I kept thinking about how many of the movement challenges were mechanically similar to building a puppet let.) I was hired to make a doll, but I’m a puppeteer, so what I’m really making is a toy puppet. I know she won’t ever see performance, so the flat feet make sense it just feels very, very strange to build that way.

Maybe that’s just because I’m tired.

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  1. Chris Billett

    I know how you feel about freelancing, and the ‘can you turn it down’ dilemma. I’m glad I’m permanent (have been since April), but now I feel like I need more work to pay for all the work on my flat, so I’m wondering how long I’ll be able to stay away from freelancing, and all the extra stress that goes with it.