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Waiting for Rain

I’m pleased to report that I finished Waiting for Rain, finally. I thought I would never reach the end of this short story. I’m not even sure why it took so long. But, thanks to my New Year’s resolution, I wrote the last 4000 words in a week. Rob is going to help me with …

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Hear Me Read

You can hear the short story I recorded for Tobias S. Buckell online at Telltale Weekly. Tobias has collected a series of audio shorts with various readers. Go check it out.

Strange Horizon Galleys

Ooo! So exciting. I got to look at the galley for my short story Portrait of Ari. It looks like it will run on January 30, 2006. I’ll post the link when it is live.


Like a crazy woman I decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month this year. The goal: write 50,000 words of a novel in 30 days. I’m working on a novel called Good Housekeeping, which is a contemporary fantasy. This began a short story which I realized was really a novel in disguise. In prep …

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I spent today trying to write. I’m working my way through a new short story, and it’s slow going. I think I’m putting too much pressure on myself after how well Salt of the Earth went. I like this one, or at least the idea for this one, but I only got about 1000 words …

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I just found out that I sold my short story Rampion to The First Line! This is my third sale. And on the same day, I found out that I won the latest round of the Liberty Hall Flash Fiction challenges. No money for this one, but it was a lot of fun.


I spent most of the day editing a short story today, trying to cut 800 words out of it. Why 800? It was close to 9000 words, which I thought was too long. I had often heard the advice to cut 10% of a story and thought I would try it, to see what happened. …

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I spent the day rewriting a short story. Rob worked on an audio gig.

Trip, Trap, Tripping

If you want to the rest of this short story, post a comment below or email me. Trip, Trap, Tripping by Mary Robinette Kowal The heat rose off the sidewalks and crept down the walls; it wound through the apartment building and clung with sticky fingers to Clef Trollinger’s skin. He grimaced as he tried …

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The First Line Volume 6 #3

This is the first time I’ve seen my name come up on Google as an author. I wrote a short story for The First Line Volume 6 #3 and it’s actually for sale on the internet. I know it’s silly, but I’m as excited as a child who has learned to spell.

New Short Story

I’m not going to be posting any of the novel I’m working on till it’s finished because then I’d be tempted to rewrite. This month is all about just trying to get the words down on the page. But, I will post the first thirteen lines of a new short story. You guys are the …

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A New Short Story

Alright folks. I need people to read a short story and give me feedback before I send it off. I’ll put the first thirteen lines here, and if anyone wants to take a look drop me an email. It’s 1300 words long (about six pages) and my first stab at horror, (but there’s no blood …

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Care package

In record time, I just got a care package from home. It was mailed on the 13th and arrived here a mere two weeks later. Jodi is sitting on the couch behind me reading the Willamette Week. People are scrabbling to try the Reeds Ginger Chews and the Tofurkey Jurky. I also have some fabulous …

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Destination Reykjavik

I got a call on Thursday from Lazytown offering me a job. I’m heading to Reykjavik for a two-week trial to see if we’re mutually compatible. If everything goes well, they’ll keep me till the end of the year. Yes. That’s a long time. Rob and I are both comfortable enough with the idea for …

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