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Subterranean Press: “Waiting for Rain” and an interview

Subterranean Press has an online magazine which is one of my favorites, so I was thrilled when I sold them a story. It’s up now, if you’d like to read “Waiting for Rain” Mundari Vineyard 2045, Nashik (India), Shiraz Black cherry, plum, and currant flavors mingle with aromas of sweet tobacco and sage in this …

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Sale! Ginger Stuyvesant and the Case of the Haunted Nursery to Talebones

I’m delighted that “Ginger Stuyvesant and the Case of the Haunted Nursery” is going to appear in Talebones #38, tentatively scheduled for Spring 2009.  This will be my second time in Talebones, which is one of my favorite magazines. Seriously, if you’re only going to subscribe to one magazine (besides Shimmer) I highly recommend Talebones. …

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Sale! Jaiden’s Weaver

I just sold “Jaiden’s Weaver” to Diamonds in the Sky, An Astronomical Anthology edited by Mike Brotherton. I’m extremely pleased by this because I came up with the idea for the setting while at the Launchpad Writer’s Workshop. Jerry Oltion, one of our fabulous instructors, helped me work out what it would be like to …

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Looking for mental illness index

I’m hoping that one of you might have run across something like this in your internet journeys. For a story I’m working on, I need an online generator that will allow me to check off mental illness symptoms and return potential diagnosis. Like a choose-your-own disorder. Has anyone seen anything like that?

Apex Books available for $10.00

Oo! Look, you can get an anthology I’m in for cheap. Jason Sizemore, proprietor of Apex Books says: For one week only, the following Apex Book Company titles are on sale for $10.00: Unwelcome Bodies The Next Fix HebrewPunk Aegri Somnia Gratia Placenti Orgy of Souls Mama’s Boy and Other Dark Tales Beauty & Dynamite …

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Fourth Year blogging

I was actually online before there were blogging platforms, but I started my blogger account four years ago today.  That’s right kiddies, I remember when I had to hard-code HTML both ways, uphill in the snow.  Not like you young whipper-snappers today with your fancy CMS and CSS and LJ and all the other new-fangled …

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Kindled fiction sampler

Arachne Jericho wrote to me the other day and asked if I wanted a copy of my fiction sampler in mobipocket format, readable by Kindle.  Heck, yeah!  I’ve put it on the Free Fiction page, but am such a geek that I had to also tell you about it too. Now, the totally ridiculous thing …

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