Things that go horribly, horribly wrong OR The worst show I ever did

I was talking with a friend of mine and he said that my blog read like “Mary’s Greatest Hits,” because I never talk about the things that go wrong. This surprised me since most of my best puppetry stories are of shows that go horribly, horribly wrong. But he’s right. When I talk about television …

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Shadow Puppet rehearsals

Rehearsal tonight went fairly smoothly. I’m fortunate to have a pretty good kinetic memory, which means I learn blocking quickly. I compensate for this by having almost no memory for names and a poor one for faces. Luckily! I don’t need either of those when learning a new show. Even accounting for the kinetic memory, …

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A varied day

Today was one of those days that looked like I had nothing on the calendar and then I was out of the apartment all day. I started with breakfast and tea with a friend, then trotted off to the Puppet Kitchen to show some of the saw players I met this weekend around. From there …

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Short bits for today

02:57 I just called 911 to report screaming, slaps and sobs, echoing through the airshaft. Can’t tell from where, exactly. I hope they find her. # 03:11 Everything is quiet now. # 04:04 I’m heading to the radio station for the Hour of the Wolf from 5-7 AM today. Listen live or later on demand …

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Dish, spoon and crows

Lately, my schedule has been keeping time with Rob’s which means that we’re often up until 2 a.m.  The advantage to this is that when he goes to bed, I can continue recording in the quietest time.  The downside is when I have to be up early the next morning.  Like today. I had a …

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A mere thirteen hours later

So… let’s recap today. Pilot overslept. Then thunderstorms. Still no pilot. Plane delayed by two hours. Miss D.C. connection. Rebooked on a flight for 6:15 am the next day. Sad. Get standby flight. Happy! Flight is delayed. Why? LaGuardia wasn’t letting flights in. Sad. Finally arrive in NYC. All buses are running! Happy! All buses …

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Working with live musicians

The live musicians came in today, which was fantastic. Yuri, the violinist paired with the Peter character, is funny and immensely talented. Initially she looked a little nervous, when we described the way Peter would be running in circles around her and said, “Be careful.” “Don’t worry. I played.” ((Seventeen years)) She immediately relaxed. “Okay. …

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Peter and the Wolf rehearsal

I have missed performing. And it’s not just the getting up in the audience that I’ve missed, it’s the rehearsals. The process of working out a show is strange and fascinating, especially if you have collaborators that you can trust. We’ve been rehearsing Peter and the Wolf for a couple of days now (minus a …

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How old do you feel?

At rehearsal the other day, someone said that the way you feel after an all-nighter is the way you will feel all the time twenty years from now. I feel eighty.

Auditioning for the Met

Today I auditioned for the Metropolitan Opera’s production of Madama Butterfly. Their production uses a bunraku-style puppet for Madame Butterfly’s child. This style of puppet normally takes three performers and they were casting understudies; the principals were pre-cast. First of all, receiving an email which says, “go to the back of the Met to the …

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