Nebulas: Almost a meme

All the good SFWA boys and girls seem to have dutifully posted about the pending close of the Nebula preliminary ballot on December 31. On the off-chance that you are a SFWA active member and haven’t recommended any fiction yet, I would like to recommend a simple strategy. My opinion on the Nebulas is that …

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Recommended Reading

I decided to replace the “I am reading” section of my sidebar with “Recommended Reading.” Why? Well, these days, I’m reading really slowly because I almost never have time to sit down with a book. Plus, since it’s gift-giving season, I figured that I’d point out books that I’ve enjoyed. So, it’ll randomly show books …

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A giant moth

I got a phone call last night that went something like this. “You were recommended to us and I’m calling to see if you had time to build a giant moth this week for our show.” “Maybe. What’s the actual due date?” “Tomorrow.” I laughed, knowing what the last minute pressure of a show is …

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Hanging out with writer’s

Steve and Alethea had spent the night at our house. We all spent a liesurely morning and opted not to return to Chattacon. I know that is shocking, especially since there was a puppet show on the schedule, but somehow the muffins that Mom made seemed more enticing. After Chattacon ended, Jason and Justin, of …

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Life in the City

Sarah, Jodi, Sam and I hung around in Greenwich Village and the East Village for most of the afternoon. We took Sarah to Pizza in a real NYC pizza joint (recommended by a native) and then to have a canoli. Good fun. As I was heading back up to catch the train for Katonah, I …

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