British Summertime

Rob has headed off to Hawaii to visit his folks so I’m playing bachelor girl tonight. For me, this means hunkering down with a good book.  This is fortunate because I had started reading Paul Cornell’s British Summertime and was already deeply sucked into the book and the characters and then it just went places …

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Jay Lake’s Green

I had the strangest experience while reading Jay Lake’s Green. I kept feeling like I’d read it before while absolutely knowing I hadn’t. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing derivative about the story and the plot turned in ways that surprised me. What it felt like was that this was a book that I’d read …

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Balsamic Truffles

As small gifts at Christmas, I made homemade Balsamic dark chocolate truffles. This was my first foray into truffle making, so I was surprised by how easy they were to make. They were so easy that I decided to try another recipe from the same site that several reviewers recommended. Tasty, yes. However, it prompted …

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Sorrowbird — Recommended reading

Fantasy Magazine has Sean Markey’s Sorrowbird up today. I think you might enjoy it. I. How to Build a Mourning Dove First, take your husband’s awkward, enthusiastic letters from the night-stand drawer, the ones he wrote on his way from England to India. Take those smooth papers and wad them up tight. Keep your sorrow …

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Gods of Manhattan

I was given an ARC of Scott Mebus’s Gods of Manhattan The basic premise is that a parallel, magic, Manahatta exists throughout Manhattan. It is inhabited by the Gods of Commerce, The Best China, Guilt, Opposite Side of the Street Parking, and the like. These gods used to be mortals, but after their death if …

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The Scottish Play

One of the things Mom had wanted to do while she and Dad were here was see some theater. So, her birthday present to me was to take us all out to see Macbeth, starring Patrick Stewart. When we realized that we had two tickets available, Rob and I invited Rick Bowes and Emily DeCola …

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Vikings raid bookstore

I gave my nephew the first book in the Strongbow Saga and the moment he finished it, he made his dad go to the bookstore to get book two. He’s been whining, wondering when book three would come out. Here’s the answer.

May I recommend a story?

They just posted the works whose eligibility for next year’s Nebulas expires at the end of January. I noticed that Cat Rambo’s story, “Foam on Water” published in Strange Horizons, has seven recommendations. I loved this and recommended it a while ago. The story only lacks three recommendations to be on next year’s preliminary ballot. …

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Speech Accent Archive

In what may be the coolest tool for someone trying to get a quick handle on accents, the Speech Accent Archive ((Spotted by Jenn Nixon)) has scores of non-English speakers reading the same paragraph in English. Please call Stella. Ask her to bring these things with her from the store: Six spoons of fresh snow …

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