Change of travel plans

Last Friday, my mom took a tumble down the stairs. I’d mentioned this in a couple of private forums, but with Mom’s okay am actually blogging about it. She’s going to be fine and it’s not the sort of fall that require surgery, but she’s got a cast on that’s keeping her pretty immobile. I’m …

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Mom’s cobbler recipe

By request, here is my mom’s cobbler recipe. 1 cup sugar 1 cup flour 1 stick butter 1 cup milk 3 teaspoons baking powder 1 quart fruit, sweetened to taste Melt butter in deep baking pan. Pour on top of it a batter made of sugar, flour, milk and baking powder. Have ready for it …

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Happy Birthday Mom!

February has a cluster of births for my family. I’d planned to be home for Mom’s birthday, in addition to Grandma’s and mine, but had to shift my schedule around for the show. However, I’d remind you about how completely awesome my mother is.  She’s not just supportive of my brother and me, she’s also …

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AMC: Fantasy Fashion in 2008

My AMC column on Fantasy Fashion in 2008 went live this morning, but I was busy hanging out with my mom and my niece in pursuit of fashion. Granted, it was in one of Dante’s unnamed concentric circles of hell — the mall the day after Christmas — so these fashions from Fantasy films might …

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Yes, February is quite the eventful month for us. I’d planned on celebrating today with Mom and taking her and Dad out to dinner at Daniel. My brother and I had also arranged to fly him to NYC secretly to surprise her. Alas. These plans are all postponed. But the birthday isn’t. I hope it …

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All stories out

It’s been a while since I’ve managed to have all my submissions actually, you know, submitted at the same time. There are no stories waiting for me to write a cover letter at the moment. It feels good. It also means that I need to finish a new story, like say, the 12,000 word monstrosity …

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The Silent City

The other day, Rob and I went to see part of the Silent City series at the Film Forum. The evening started off with NYC Treasures from the Library of Congress, which was a collection of short subject from 1898 to 1906. They had a live pianist providing accompaniment. Seeing the city bustling around in …

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I picked up our set of bookshelves today. Compared to the kitchen cart, this was a piece of cake. It was only a three-story walkup and a eleven block stroll with the shelves on a hand truck. Every man I passed offered to help me. The shelves weren’t heavy, but they were very awkward. I …

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Minor miracle

I just dropped one of my mom’s punchbowl glass cups on a marble rolling pin and it didn’t break.

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