I– that’s a… I have a– Last night, my short story— Rocket!!! It is really hard to wrap my head around having a Hugo. I mean… It’s a HUGO! !!!!!

My 2009 publications

As you know, the Hugo nomination period is open.  I thought I’d post a list of my stories published in 2009.  Just a reminder, I recused myself from SFWA Nebula eligibility this year, so none of these are Nebula eligible. I’ve bolded my favorites. If the story title has a link, you can read the …

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WorldCon Wrapup

I arrived home from WorldCon last night, absolutely beat.  The convention was a great deal of fun, but the highlight for me is summed up in this photo. That’s me, at the Hugo Ceremony, presenting David Anthony Durham with the Campbell Tiara.  He wore it the rest of the evening and looks darn good in …

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The Campbell Tiara

I’m in Montreal where I will hand over the Campbell Tiara to the newest winner of the Campbell Award for Best New Writer.  I’m seriously looking forward to it.  This year had a really strong field with David Anthony Durham, Aliette de Bodard, Tony Pi, Felix Gilman, and Gord Sellar. Any of them would look …

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WorldCon 2009 schedule

. . I’m heading up to Montreal for Anticipation, the 2009 WorldCon. Here is my convention schedule. Thursday Twitter, Facebook, My Space: Social Media and Writing 14:00, P-513B What’s all the buzz about the new social media? Writing short-short-short stories on Twitter??? Good grief! Is this networking or a new way to write? Can tweets …

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The truth about John Scalzi

The concom at ConQuest 40 were looking for a bio of John Scalzi but wanted something a little more detailed and accurate than the standard wikipedia one.  They asked me if I’d assist, given my long-standing friendship with him, and write one for them with some behind the scenes details for the program book.  In …

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Adventures in Reading: Hugo Award Nominee: “Evil Robot Monkey”

It always makes me happy when Joe Sherry over at Adventures in Reading reviews one of my stories.  He manages to cover the whole thing without any spoilers, which is pretty amazing for a 970 word story. “Evil Robot Monkey” is a heartbreaking and surprising story. The title might suggest a little robot monkey being …

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Giant Block of Foam vs. Evil Robot Monkey

There’s nothing to make one quite so humble as realizing that photos of one’s husband with a Giant Block of Foam are more popular than links to one’s Hugo-nominated story. That first surge is Evil Robot Monkey. The second is the Giant Block of Foam.

Evil Robot Monkey

I have three version of Evil Robot Monkey to offer for your consideration as one of the Hugo nominees for Short Story.  It was originally published in the Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, vol. 2 edited by George Mann. You may download a pdf of “Evil Robot Monkey“, illustrated by me. I do layout …

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“Evil Robot Monkey” has been nominated for a Hugo!

Here’s another post that you’re reading days and days after I write it. Short form: My story, “Evil Robot Monkey” has been nominated for a Hugo! !!!! Longform: Jodi and I had a show last Thursday night and went out afterwards with his sweetie, Sam, to hang and celebrate that it went pretty darn well. …

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2008 Fiction wrap up

Antiticaption, the 2009 Hugos held in Montreal, has opened the doors for Hugo nominations today, so I thought I’d mention which of my stories came out in 2008. [bfentry id=15 full] (“Evil Robot Monkey” will be appearing in both Rich Horton’s Science Fiction Best of the Year and Gardner Dozois’s The Year’s Best Science-Fiction) [bfentry …

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