Why, yes. That IS a Hugo atop my Christmas Tree

What? You wouldn’t do this?

From Christmas 2011

It did take some structural engineering to get it to stay put because it is a wee bit heavier than your standard tree topper.

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33 thoughts on “Why, yes. That IS a Hugo atop my Christmas Tree”

  1. Congrats to pulling that off!  I think if I had a Hugo, I’d put the Hugo pin on a ribbon and tie that to the tree  Now, if you had a Nebula…that would probably be trickier,

  2. I love the fact that you can see rock city from the top of your Hugo (or is it the other way around)

  3. That’s amazing. I’d be interested in exactly what sort of structural engineering you used, because I have problems with getting normal tree toppers to do what they’re supposed to, let alone something as heavy and unbalanced as a Hugo.

  4. Mary, you are awesomeness. I’m very glad that you have one of these and that you can do with it whatever you want. I love it that everyone seems so positive about this particular display. That allows me to offer a differing opinion without worrying that I matter at all…

    Me… I think this is a lovely thing for a snapshot, but do you really want it defining this holiday season? I’d argue that it’s real home is on a shelf. Or in a box. Somewhere that you don’t see it that much, but can access whenever you need to.

    That doesn’t make me a grump, does it?

  5. I love you.

    Though I have to say, if you hadn’t told us, I might have assumed something less family friendly.

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