Downtown Artists Unite for China’s Earthquake Victims and UNICEF

New York – The Players Theatre will host Hands together: New York Artists Gather for China Earthquake Relief to Benefit UNICEF presented by Matrix Music Collaborators on June 14, 2008, 3pm, 115 MacDougal Street (between W3rd and Minetta Lane) in Greenwich Village, New York. Admission is $45 / Package of Four for $125. All proceeds …

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Peter and the Wolf, returns

Details will follow, but I want to give as much warning as possible. Saturday, June 14th we’re doing Peter and the Wolf as part of a festival called: Hands Together: New York Artists Gather for China Earthquake Relief. We are working with UNICEF and have some great guests coming in such as Pan Asian Rep.

Peter and the Wolf rehearsal

I have missed performing. And it’s not just the getting up in the audience that I’ve missed, it’s the rehearsals. The process of working out a show is strange and fascinating, especially if you have collaborators that you can trust. We’ve been rehearsing Peter and the Wolf for a couple of days now (minus a …

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Tempest build, Day Four

(This was from before Christmas) No photos today, sorry. Emily came back from China and we dived into work. Good heavens, it is so much easier to figure things out when the designer is right there to answer questions. First thing on the list were the tentacles. We decided that if we shortened them a …

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Christmas party

Last night, Rob and I threw our annual dinner party. I normally have a guest list of 40, but given the size of the apartment, whittled the list down to twenty, fifteen of whom attended. One of the most curious things was how many of our guests had been to the party in Portland or …

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Finding spots and things

People keep asking me how I like living in NYC. It’s only just feeling like maybe we do live here. I mean, we spent a week driving. A week after we got here, I went off to Readercon for three days feeling very much like I’d driven straight from Portland to Burlington with a brief …

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More unpacking tales

Rob continues to work on cleaning the stove and, to our surprise, the stove is white. I honestly thought it was cream. We’ve discovered that the wire brush on my dremel tool is good for getting the carbonized grease off–it’s like dentistry on the stove. I’ve got the shelves clean and am starting to unpack …

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Packing the china

Today we spent more time clearing the basement. I baked some more bread–the raisin bread lasted all of fifteen minutes–for sandwiches. I realized that I’m into baking right now because it’s easily controllable and, since I’m following a recipe, I don’t have to make any choices to create something. Rob pulled some wooden wine crates …

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The Apartment

I went to see the apartment that Rob and I will be moving into and to meet the folks we’re doing the houseswap with. Both the family and the apartment were delightful. The kitchen is much bigger than it looked in the photos and it has an old double oven gas stove, which looks to …

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Dinner and Audio

My brain is a little mushy because I just came home from recording an audio gig. It is a very, very cool one and I loved doing it. I’ll be able to point you to a link to it soon, but for the moment, just know that I think you’ll like it. I had a …

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New Year’s food

For years, I’ve had a standing date with Sue and Albert on New Year’s Day for black-eyed peas and greens. Oh, and cornbread. See, Albert is from east Tennessee, and totally gets the whole traditional food thing. Sue, on the other hand, has a long-standing tradition of champagne and caviar. It is surprising how well …

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Party Lite

Normally, I have a formal dinner party for Christmas every year and this year it was scheduled for Sunday the sixteenth. You know. The day after Rob got back from Iceland. Why would I do something like that? Because, our friend Jodi was in town and leaving on the 17th, which meant that the only …

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