Nails in My Feet

This is a reading of my short story “Nails in My Feet” from the Borderlands reading. Many thanks to Pip R. Lagenta for recording it. And for posting it yesterday as a birthday present.

More Borderlands Audio

Actually, it turns out that John Nichols posted all of the stories we read in neatly discrete chunks. Very exciting! My stories: Nails in my Feet Trip, Trap, Tripping Things we read together: Denise Jones, Super Booker by John Scalzi The State of Super Villiany by John Scalzi Scalzi, solo: Missives from Possible Futures …

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Audio: Trip, Trap, Tripping

If you swing over to the blog “Things of interest to Lisa and John” you can listen to my short story, “Trip, Trap, Tripping”  which audio from when John Scalzi and I were at Borderlands.  It’s a little over 8 minutes long. Trip, Trap, Tripping by Mary Robinette Kowal You can tell that I’ve got …

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Science Fiction Comedy Improv!

While I was in San Fransisco, John Scalzi and I headed over to Borderlands to do a reading.  The day before we went, Scalzi suggested doing science-fiction improv, which sounded like a ridiculous amount of fun.  Fortunately, John Nichols brought his digital recorder and captured the whole evening. Scalzi, being the good guy that he …

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Today in brief

So, yesterday was really long. I finished up at the theater about 1:30 a.m and headed for home to pack and then catch a 3:30 a.m. bus to the airport. I flew out on US Airways, but not that US Airways flight. I’m in San Fransisco now, totally wiped out and am going to bed. …

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