Come See John Scalzi and Me in San Francisco, 1/16/09

Mary admires the Hugo
John Scalzi and I will be reading together on Friday, January 16, at 7pm, at Borderlands Books, in San Francisco. We’re calling the program, “John and Mary Show You Their Shorts.”

And by that I mean that we’ll be reading a selection of short stories. We did this at WorldCon and had a blast so it’s time to reprise the fun. This time we’re upping the excitement by reading a story in tandem — like it’s a play or something. Ooo! Live theater in one of the world’s greatest bookstores. What more can you want

Afterwards we’ll hang out to chat and sign things. Hope to see you there!

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12 thoughts on “Come See John Scalzi and Me in San Francisco, 1/16/09”

  1. Hmmm… west coast… any chance you’ll be making it up to what I like to call “land of the hill sliders”?

      1. Haha! Yes indeed. God, I’ve got a nuts couple of weeks lined up. I’m being challenged to drink Spurlock under the table, n’ a mate from the agency I work with in the UK is in town too. You might be safe. I’ll be behaving/pacing myself as much as poss.

        Still looking forward to it though!

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