A recap of my 42nd birthday

Today has been just lovely.  I got up  and discovered a seemingly boundless supply of birthday wishes scattered across the internet.  You are all wonderful people, you know that, right? I spent the day in my pajamas.  Rob made me waffles for breakfast. For whatever reason, not having to worry about other work or what

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Penguicon Day 2

Wow. I’m unbelievably tired. Although, I suppose considering my panel schedule today, that’s not surprising. I have an 8 am panel tomorrow.  Let me repeat that. 8:00 am panel.  At a con. Who scheduled that? So, you get today in a nutshell and then I’m going to bed.  I had a load of panels, which

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When a friend calls and says, “My birthday is coming up. Do you want to have dinner with ninjas or dimsum?” The choice is clear. So, tonight, I had dinner at Ninja New York. Not surprisingly, I had trouble finding the restaurant. Once there, a ninja led us into the bowels of the building where

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Twitters for 2-10-08

10:43 You can tell you’ve been gone for a week when breakfast = birthday cake. # 12:01 Heading out for lunch with @scalzi now. Truly, the fun, it never ends. # 13:22 Novel + sold = Best Birthday present EVER. Short form: to @2muchexposition of Tor by @arcaedia Long form: # 17:22 Thank you

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