Hawaii care package

We got a package from Rob’s folks today. They take such good care of us; this package included coffee beans, macademia nuts, some of Pat’s phenomenal cookies, chocolate covered macademia nuts… I gave one of the boxes of the chocolate-covered macademia nuts to the puppet shop and you’d have thought that I had given them …

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Keeping honest

I’m still working on The Bride Replete First On board, the ship’s crew ran about preparing the steamer to depart, their bellies flat and taut. Last Pimi’s red tunic glared like a beacon against the muted colors of Repp-Virja. 1027 words today, bringing me up to 1252.

The Art Department

Thanks to John Scalzi for pointing out this post:The Art Department: In response to the old question, “What do I put in my Portfolio?” SF/F BOOK COVER PORTFOLIO DOS AND DON’TS – excerpt Figure drawing, figure drawing, figure drawing! The most important thing for a book publisher is figure drawing. You may get away with …

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I was lying on the floor assisting Thor during a big shot. I heard Jonathan shout, “Head, Mary, head!” I could not figure out how my head could possibly be in the frame, since I was lying on the floor, when a cart slammed into the top of my head. Ow. I’ve got a lovely …

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Studio days

Ah, jetlag. The ride in from the airport was beautiful. The landscape is very green at this time of year, and all the flowers are in bloom so there are scatterings of yellow, purple and pink everywhere. It felt good to see the sky again. It felt washed out, small and low in Boston. Being …

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Dr. Who and Greenland

I finished my Doctor Who story somewhere over Greenland. Here’s a picture out the window when I finished. Every other time I’ve flown over it has been winter and it has been solid white. I’m astounded at how bleak it looks now. The small white bits, which from the plane looked like styrofoam spread over …

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Ambassador Visits Set

Well, this is old news, but it came to mind because I was RSVPing for the Fourth of July party that the embassy is throwing. Back in March, the US Ambassador visited the set. Unfortunately, that’s not David in the photo. There are an amazing number of photos of David floating around the internet, which …

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Dr. Who

I started my Dr. Who story today. It’s going smoothly thus far. I did have to pause in the middle of it to look at photos of the Charles Bridge, where a lot of my action takes place. I had researched it when I wrote the synopsis, but needed to get a better handle on …

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Up all night

All three hours of it. We went to the hot river with a group from work. It’s about an hour drive from Reykjavik and then an hour hike up into the mountains, but so worth it when you get there. Rob had to work late, so we got there about two hours after everyone else. …

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Today Rob and I went down to the koloport to pick up our usual staples of flatköka and eggs. Usually, we just get hen eggs, but this time I saw some beautiful blue and brown speckled eggs. Two weeks ago I had picked up some brown speckled eggs from the lesser black-backed gull. These beauties …

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What day is it?

Today was busy. I did some live hand work which honestly feels like it happened yesterday. Partly I’m disoriented because we were shooting parts of three different episodes today. This doesn’t usually happen, but did today because of complicated factors involving setups and I don’t know what all. Whenever we do more than one episode …

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