EggsToday Rob and I went down to the koloport to pick up our usual staples of flatköka and eggs. Usually, we just get hen eggs, but this time I saw some beautiful blue and brown speckled eggs. Two weeks ago I had picked up some brown speckled eggs from the lesser black-backed gull.

These beauties are svartflugl eggs. The svartflugl is known in english as the guillemot, which your might remember from my dinner with buckshot. Anyway, while looking for an online picture of a svartflugl egg, I found this website on the Worst Jobs in History – Roman

This is definitely not a position for the faint-hearted. Guillemots are seabirds that nest in dense colonies on the tops of sea stacks and on extremely high cliff ledges. Because of their conical shape, guillemot eggs spin on the spot rather than rolling over the edge. Their coating of guano makes them even more secure. These eggs are your quarry…

Evidentally, even the worst jobs stick around.

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