Without a Summer: A few bloopers from the audio book

I recorded the audio book for Without a Summer and asked my engineer to save mistakes so I could make a blooper reel. I made a lot, but he only saved three. Still! It gives you an idea of what it’s like in the recording booth when you are recording your own work.


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5 thoughts on “Without a Summer: A few bloopers from the audio book”

  1. It’s a good thing my kids don’t record me reading books aloud to them. I’ve created some doozies in my day. Thanks for sharing! It gave me a good smile to help end an already good day.

  2. Do you ever have the urge to edit on the fly when you’re recording. You know, once you’re saying it out loud, think, “Oh, I should have phrased it THIS way! Aha!”

  3. That last one is great.

    Fiction River put up their blooper reel today of several readers flubbing things.

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