When worlds collide

Modern Love, by David ChelseaCarol Pinchefsky is a writer that I know through various circles. She talented and nice. She also has an article in todays New York Times’s Modern Love column, called, ‘La Bohème’ Is Romantic, as Long as I’m Not the Star. This is a column that is regularly illustrated by our friend David Chelsea, you might have noticed his wife -e- hanging out here. I feel like these folks should know each other, but they don’t. It is only random coincidence that I’m sitting here as link between them.

I DIDN’T marry my husband for his money, I swear. I married him because he is brilliant, funny, compassionate and handsome. He is also unlike any man I had ever dated. You see, he has a job.

A man with a job wasn’t a situation I had much experience with. I was raised by a mostly single mother; my father, who lived with us intermittently, could not pay child support. We lived on welfare, food stamps and the charity of relatives. Our telephone connection was a fair-weather friend.

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