Rutger Hauer is– I’m not even… What? What did I just watch?

I was watching Rutger Hauer clips to nail down a character and found this. What…? I– I mean, I know it was the 90s, but still, what the…?

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10 thoughts on “Rutger Hauer is– I’m not even… What? What did I just watch?”

  1. It’s a good commercial, in a way. I would watch this show or drink this beer, depending on what it’s trying to sell me. I’m still a bit unclear on that part. But it’s wildly imaginative.

  2. I remember these! My friends and I used consider a new Guinness commercial was as important an event as the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Did you find the others as well? I think my favourite was “When it comes to colour, I’m with Henry Ford.”

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only person who found that really jarring. (I grumble about the Pacific Life ads that use an Atlantic humpback breaching, too. Wrong pectoral fins!)

  3. Lots of ads on TV in the 90s were like this — all about The Image As Art and High Concept. As I recall, several which won industry awards in that era not only didn’t increase sales of their product, but in at least one case actually reduced it.

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