Westie lives!

I had written about my vintage desk fan perishing in the night and on G+ Jim Richardson and Brooks Moses suggested that it might be FOD* or a seized bearing. So… I decided to open Westie up and take a look. Gunk, everywhere. I cleaned the interior thoroughly, gave it a little of my silicone bike lubricant, and reassembled.

Behold! The dear is returned to active service and is humming away happily on my desk.

*Foreign Object Damage. I didn’t know either.

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3 thoughts on “Westie lives!”

  1. A few years ago we had a fan burn up. Turns out the cooling vents on the motor had accumulated a thick mat of cat fur and dust. If only I’d looked and cleaned it. But no — 25 years of neglect…

    Dr. Phil

  2. Aaaah! The Dan Wilder fan overhaul! (clean, lube, return to service) Works a treat most of the time…

  3. Whoa, my comment disappeared into the ether.
    I just commented that I did the same with a fan of my daughters this last weekend. Signed in and Poof.

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