We’re moving to Nashville! In April!

Oh, hey. Robert and I are relocating to Nashville.

In April.

It’s like this. I go to my parents’ home in Chattanooga about once a month, which combines with my other travel schedule to mean a lot of time away from Robert. We’ve been experimenting with having him travel with me a little, but it’s tricky because he’s got a day job. A day job which is very time-sensitive and not easy to delegate.

He’s been the winemaker of City Winery Chicago since it opened in 2012. These are not easy jobs to find and we figured that a move to Tennessee was out of the question. And then… the City Winery Nashville winemaker decided to move on. The company knows how much time I spend in Tennessee, so they asked Robert if he wanted to transfer.

Y’all. This is such a good thing.

It’ll put us closer to my parents, which will cut down on travel. Plus, it’ll make it easy for Robert to go with me, so we get to spend more time together.

But, to make this work the timing is such that we’re moving in April. Wish us luck!

PS Apologies to everyone at Futurescapes that I can’t make it this year. SO MUCH PACKING.

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16 thoughts on “We’re moving to Nashville! In April!”

  1. You’ll like Nashville. A booming town. We’re over in Knoxville, which we also like, but we’ve been looking at houses outside Nashville. My wife’s sister lives there with her husband in Brentwood.

  2. Kudos to City Winery for being aware of Robert’s situation and proactively offering him the position. It says a lot about their respect for him as a winemaker and them as a company.

  3. I’m so happy for you!!! Sounds smuch easier for you! I selfishly hope this means more stressed out photos of the Chairman!

  4. We love City Winery NYC–a great venue! Peter has played there.
    What a great job. Such good luck!

  5. Oh, hey, that sounds great! Just a wee bit stressful. All those typewriters and body parts to pack.

    I look forward to another several years of “Oh, that’s where I put that leg” posts.

    I’m very happy this opportunity came up.

    (I’m also glad I got to chat with you briefly on Boat last week.)

  6. Good luck on your move!

    I got to meet you during your last one at your stop in Omaha, which was lovely.

    A shame that you’ll be leaving my favorite city, but I’m sure you’ll be happy in Nashville, and the fact that the stars aligned just so is wonderful.

  7. Best of Luck with the move! I too go to Chattanooga about once a month to see my mom. If you have any appearances in the area, I would love to try to see you. I live near Atlanta, so if anything there too it would be great to hear.
    I hope you love your new digs!

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