Visited Powell’s yesterday

Me, signing the column at PowellsI took Sean Markey and Beth Wodzinski over to Powell’s before their flight out yesterday.

I love Powell’s, City of Books. It’s one of the major draws to Portland — not just that we’ve got a giant bookstore, but that we’ve got the sort of literate culture that requires the giant store. In the science-fiction and fantasy section, there’s this column, signed by SF & F authors who visit. Inspired by Cherie Priest’s visit, I wandered up to the SF desk and said, “Hi, I’m the Campbell Award winner for this year. Could I sign the column?”

My name on the Powells SF columnThis was cool because:
a) This is the first time I’ve introduced myself that way and it was sort of like playing dressup.
b) I didn’t have to explain anything else. His eyes sort of lit up, he congratulated me, and grabbed the key.
c) My name is on the column at Powell’s! Like I’m a real author and everything!

I know, it’s ridiculous that it has that effect on me, but holy cow! Do you know how many times I’ve looked at the names on there and marveled?

Sean was very accommodating and took photos for me. Look! You can see him in the reflection on the column.

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16 thoughts on “Visited Powell’s yesterday”

  1. That is very cool! I’ve read many author’s blogs that talk about Powell’s. I need to get to Portland just to visit the store.

    Congrats on getting your name up there!

  2. Getting to sign that pillar is on my Fame-o-meter at something like #2, under ‘being interviewed on NPR by Terry Gross’. So really, by my Fame-o-meter, there are few kingdoms left for you to conquer!

    Of course, your Fame-o-meter may vary.

  3. I saw your name on the column today! It’s so cool to be able to point out names of cool writers and say, “I know this person!”

  4. Haha! That’s awesome; and you too are brave. I totally wasn’t brave. I wouldn’t have done it if Mark Henry hadn’t walked up to the nearest employee and announced that we were here to sign his pole.

    Erm. Or something.

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