Updates on THE SPARE MAN, a Sort-Of Social Media Hiatus, and a New Assistant!

In good news, The Spare Man is coming along well. There’s a completed draft and I’m in edits right now. Hurrah! In bad news, this means that I actually need to buckle down and edit – which further means that I will be taking a brief hiatus from social media. However, in one MORE speck of good news, you all don’t need to worry about this because…

Christine Sandquist – My New Assistant!

I have a brand new assistant who will be handling tweets and announcements for me while I am gone! Enter Christine Sandquist, social media and organizer extraordinaire. They are working alongside Alyshondra and will be making sure that all the things are posted when they need to be. Christine is on Twitter as @BasiliskBooks, where they run their own personal book blog and tweet many pictures of their two void cats. (Who are adorable)

They have actually been working with me since November and are amazing. You may have noticed that I’ve had much prettier images for announcements on social media recently. That’s all Christine. I subscribe to the Jim Henson philosophy for success which is, “always hire someone better than you.” Christine is.

You’ll be seeing some tweets and other posts signed (CS) to designate them as temporarily-not-me, sharing all the lovely things that I would usually like to tweet about but won’t have time to keep up with while also editing.

I’ll see you all again soon!

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