Locus Magazine Reviews THE RELENTLESS MOON

 Kowal is a many-times-over Hugo and Nebula Award winner. She knows what she’s doing. The Lady Astronaut Series, which envisions an alternate mid-20th-century space race, is as immersive a story as any reader could want. The two novels in said series – The Calculating Stars and The Fated Sky – tell a propulsive tale starring Elma York, whose quick math skills help launch humanity (and her) to the Moon and beyond.

Adrienne Martini, Locus Magazine

Written in April and posted in July, this review almost feels like a blast from the past. I’m still not convinced that 2020 is actually over. Surely this is March 348th and not February 12th?

I love this review due to the way it discusses the polio epidemic featured in THE RELENTLESS MOON. While for some it may hit too close to home, for others it may provide a beacon of light. The outbreak is a problem that can be solved if Nicole and the others tackle it in a way that is smart and efficient. Similarly, there are solutions to our current pandemic. I’m incredibly thankful that the USA has an administration in place that is willing to actually implement them now, and just like Adrienne… I too hope that real life will mimic my fiction as we all push towards a resolution.

Read Adrienne Martini’s full review at Locus Magazine.

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