Typewriter Triptych, story 2: Playing Against Type

The second story in my typewriter triptych is up at Shareable. Here’s a teaser:

Playing Against Type

Harold pressed his hand against his knee to stop it from jiggling. It gave him a chance to wipe the sweat off his palm, too. Never show fear in front of actors. “I thought we had the camera until Friday.”

Conversation around the sound stage had silenced. The cast and crew of Last Dime had all rotated like some automaton the moment the man in front of him had pushed onto the set. Most of them were dressed like laborers from the 1930s, with torn trousers and battered hats. If you ignored the lights and the crew in modern dress, it could be a labor meeting during the Great Depression — not a happy labor meeting at the moment.

Go to Shareable: Playing Against Type to read the whole thing.

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2 thoughts on “Typewriter Triptych, story 2: Playing Against Type”

  1. I liked how we got more about the world and how it works. Looking forward to #3.

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