Travels in D.C. and beyond

I had a productive day in D.C. yesterday working on next year’s 47th Annual Nebula Awards with Peggy Rae Sapienza. The Awards weekend should be a good deal of fun.

I’m staying at their home, which is lovely, and it makes me oddly homesick. I grew up in North Carolina in a neighborhood of the same age as this one. While the house has a very different floor plan, the views out the window are strikingly similar.  I also hadn’t realized how much I missed the sounds. Cicadas and whip-poor-wills and the wind in the trees.  There are cardinals here, which we don’t have on the west coast.

Today I’m heading up to the Boston area for Readercon. In theory.

My flight has already been cancelled and my new flight is delayed by two hours. I’ve gone from an 8:30am departure to a 1:15pm departure.

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