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ToastI just got the final art for Charles Stross’s book, Toast, coming out from Wyrm. I’d already done a preliminary layout using the rough draft of the art, so it was easy to drop the final art in place, make a few tweaks and send it over to Neil.

The art is by the talented and very easy to work with Steve Montiglio. I have no understanding of how he works as fast as he does with as much intricate detail. He just delivered the final art weeks before his due date. It makes a girl very happy.

Besides– Giant octopus ships in space! What more could you ask for?

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2 thoughts on “<i>Toast</i> Cover”

  1. Wow! Did you do just the layout or… Oh, I see, not the artwork. It is very cool You did the fonts and stuff, right? It looks very cool! Octopii in space is a rocking enough thing for me to buy.

    It also helps I am digging The Jennifer Morgue something fierce! I’ve become a big fan of Sir Stross of Charles after struggling through the beginnning of Accelrando and then seeing the light of day in it. Amazing stuff.

    Well, I know who to request for layout if and when the time comes!

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