7 thoughts on “Thoughts about how to add diversity. Real simple thoughts.”

  1. Hmm, that pic has got mammals covered, how about we invite a lizard to see the cold-blooded represented? And then maybe a starfish, for the water-dwellers (as a bonus, lizard and starfish can have discussions about regrowing limbs that would have never happened in the mammal-only group). And a caterpillar for the insects, a bird for the fliers, a mushroom for the fungi, an elephant for the heavy-weights…
    I can see why this can take forever.

  2. I went to high school with people who weren’t like me. I joined fandom to be with people who were like me. I have no interest in associating with people who think “literary” is a dirty word.

    1. And I have no interest in bigots, either. Fandom, however, is not made up of people who are just like you. If everyone had exactly your taste and exactly your life experience, it would be a fairly repetitive conversation.

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