The yeti is not a joke. No, really. I travel with one.

It occurs to me that, this being April Fool’s day, when I talk about taking a yeti on my trip, people will think that I’m making a joke.  And I am, but not the kind you think.

As you know, I have sort of astonishingly weird travel karma.  At one point, after a flight was delayed because an airline stewardess got “severely shocked” by the warming tray in first class, I tweeted “Also, I think this answers the question of whether having Rob with me makes travel go more smoothly.”

Scalzi replied, “Well, if Rob wasn’t with you, all the passengers would have been consumed by Yeti.”

This led to Howard Tayler and Dan Wells presenting me with a stuffed Yeti at the Superstars Writing Workshop. He’s Bumble the Abominable Snowman from Rudolph and adorable. I’ve taken to tossing him in my bag when I travel figuring that if it weren’t for the Yeti things would be much, much worse.

Anyway, all of that is to say that we’re playing a game of #marygoround on Twitter today because I’m on my way up to Seattle to visit Cherie Priest. I’ll be talking about the yeti, and it’s no joke.

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