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I was in Icelandic class and we were talking about what we did over the weekend. I realized that I completely forgot to mention this to you guys. On Saturday, I went to the movie theater at the Krlnglan, the mall close to my house, for a screening of two Lazytown episodes. We saw “Little Sportacus” and “Trash Trouble.”

The show holds up really well on the big screen, which it should considering that we shoot in high-def. (No, I’m not going to go into a discussion about what the shows was like, because the episode is just like the one on TV, except bigger.) Everyone invited guests so the audience was packed with kids. I managed to get through most of my conversations in Icelandic. It helped that everyone was asking exactly the same questions. “What have you been up to?” and variations on the them. It turns out that my Icelandic teacher was there with his family. One of the editors is a good friend of his.

We didn’t discover this until we were back in class. Of course, my teacher then went on to explain that I couldn’t use “að ganga” to say that I went to the theater, because it is specifically reserved for walking even though I had walked to the theater. So, even though “að ganga” and “að fara” both mean “to go,” I have to use “að fara.”

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  1. We watched that episode the other day and immediately the boy noticed that the puppets had changed in appearance slightly, that Stephanie was older (well, of course) and that you got to see more of the full bodies of the puppets.

    Oh, and we had to stop the credits so I could point out your and Rob’s names to him. He was quite impressed.

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